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The first business incubator in Europe to focus on the sports and outdoor sports industries

Call for projects 2019

Do you have a  new idea, a starting company, a new concept or a revolutionary vision? Join the Annecy Base Camp business incubator to test shape and accelerate the development of your project, and then launch a company well-positionned to conquer the market!

 A common initiative between the outdoor sports industry and the local economic development authorities, the goal of the incubator is accelerate growth and innovation for these industries. This Outdoor Sports Valley initiative launched in 2016.

The call for projects is open each year on February.

A program to maximize your ability to succeed

  • Idea
  • Business

Phase 1

2 months

  • Define your value proposition
  • Test your market with a panel of professionals and outdoor sports enthusiasts
  • Build your business model
  • Challenge your entrepreneurial spirit
  • Crash test: put your project through the ringer in front of a panel of experts

Phase 2

6 months

  • Define your offering
  • Develop your product or service
  • Test your product or service
  • Crash test: put your project through the ringer in front of a panel of experts
  • Build your business plan
  • Build your team through "speed-dating" type events
  • Create your company

Phase 3

12 months

  • Launch your product or service
  • Develop your sales tools
  • Adapt your product or service
  • Search for investors and/or financial partners
  • Crash test: put your project through the ringer in front of a panel of experts

by your side


Co-founder @Snowleader

« When I launched Snowleader in 2008, nothing viable existed to provide support and guidance to a proejct like ours. Today, through the OSV business incubator, I make a concerted effort to offer my time and my experience to budding entrepreneurs by trying to be as relevant as possible when providing them with guideance for their project needs. »

Xavier Le Guen

VP Salomon Winter Sports Equipment @Salomon

« I am happy to do what I can to support to the entrepreneurial spirit in the outdoor industry, sharing my experience and passion with a project team. In return it's a great  way to take a step back and open  up to new ideas. »

Nicolas Zanelli

Chief Financial Officer
@MilletMoutainGroup (2015-2018)

« My role as a mentor allows me to build a close relationship with an entrepreneur to better talk about their doubts and any serious concerns  they have about their project. »

Guillaume Diard

Business Apparel & Gear @Babolat

« It is important to share our experience with people who have the drive to launch new projects. It is a pleasure to see them evolve and grow over time. That also incarnates the truee  essence of OSV. »

Sylvie Tribouillard

Management consultant @JAM

« The OSV business incubator represents two areas that I'm passionate about: sports and entrepreneurship. It is a real pleasure to help each entrepreneur build their project into a viable business that will contribute to the growth of the outdoor sports market in and from the incredible region where we live and work. In return, they provide an inspiring amount of energy and creativity. »

Guillaume Meyzenq

VP Footwear Category @Amersports

« It is motiving to share my experience with entrepreneurs and contribute to reinforcing the community of outdoor sports companies in the region. »

Nicolas Caniez

Head of Marketing and Business Development @ODLO

« I wanted to help motivated individuals bring the projects from ideas to fruition. Our country [France] needs new entreprenerus with a fresh outlook to face the economic, environmental, and societal challenges of tomorrow. The business incubator is an incredible tool to stimulate growth for our industry. »

Armelle Solelhac

Founder @Switch

« I have been passionate about entrepreneurship since I was 9 years old! Naturally, I wanted to help entrepreneurs with their projects just like I would have like to receive a little support and guidance when I created my 1st company over 10 years ago. »

Patrick Benyacar

Ex-Sales Manager @Sports Alpins Distribution

« After spending so many years in the outdoor industry, I am happy to be able to share my experience with new arrivals. I learn a lot from them and I discover just as much as I share, it's great. »

We bring together more than 100 professionals from the sports and outdoor sports industry, as well as startup experts to challenge and guide you.

A great location to
work & exchange ideas

The business incubator program is run in an office space specifically designed for working as a group, with a coworking space, meeting rooms, an product testing and prototyping workshop, as well as several other areas perfectly suite for sharing ideas with other companies in the small business accelerator. Ideally located in Annecy-le-Vieux's Glaisins Business Park,  the incubator offers residents a unique opportunity in the heart of one of the outdoor sports industry's major hubs!

To put your project to the test

  • Participant Panels

    Avid trail runners, climbers, cyclists, skiers, and enthusiasts for a whole host of other sports are available to answer your questions during a focus group or individual interviews.

    Join the participant panel

  • Professional Panels

    Distributors, retailers, and e-shops are available to answer your questions during a focus group or individual interviews.

    Join the profesional panel

News & events

They spent time
in the incubator

"The incubator allows us to set the right pace and to set the right deadlines, which is an important part of launching a new project."

Guillaume Linossier - Founder, Saola [2016]

"For me, the guidance I received from industry experts has been the most valuable experience that OSV has provided me."

Antoine Sauer - Founder, Rope Up ! [2016]

"The incubator allowed me to develop new skills and to accelerate the development of my project from idea to the go-to-market phase."

Nicolas Vallet - Founder, Followings [2017]

"The incubator and co-working space is a fantastic place to exchange ideas with other startups whose expertise and experience greatly benefited our project."

Lucas Heurtault & Clément Lopez - Co-Founders, TETRAL [2018]

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